To Dubrovnic on a Costa Cruise, the video, is done!

The video is done! “To Dubrovnic on a Costa Cruise” can be viewed at
This is the second video ever that I’ve completed. (I have dozens of uncompleted videos on my various drives and computers but only two are done.) The first was a simple edit, just joining together clips plus a beginning and closing title. This was, done on iMovie ’09, is my “learning” video for getting back into video editing. It is practically a showcase (not in a spectacular way, but as a demonstration) of the various editing features of iMovie. I stuck to one transition for most of the video and tried out just one video effect (reverse). This was my first attempt at voice-over and working with audio just within iMovie, which surprisingly had pretty powerful and easy-to-do features, especially through it’s Precision Editor window.
It’s exhilarating! I can imagine how a “real” editor would feel upon finishing a full-length movie for theatrical release. I worked on this video for just over a week, doing 2 to 5 hours a day, but the learning and discovery aspects of editing this video was powerful even for this little amount of work. A mountain in labor, Cicero wrote, and out comes a mouse. Well, I hope it’s a tad bigger or more significant than a mouse.
I welcome comments, criticisms, suggestions for improvement. I’ll resist the thought of re-editing this video. I really feel I’m done with it and want to move on. I plan to do at least one more video in iMovie, maybe two, while also learning to use Apple’s QuickTime Pro. I used QT to export the video to a 1280×720 widescreen “HD” format last night. iMovie worked through the night. It said it would take 5 hours for the export but the time was creeping up as the CPU started to lag behind the process. (No, no, no! Not yet time for a faster Mac!) I’ve been learning the usefulness of overnight tasking on the computer for CPU-intensive work like video compression and rendering.
I think I have decided on my next video editing project but I’m also planning my next video shoot. First I need to get the hang of green-screens but I am just about decided I am going to spring for a 1080p Sony handheld camcorder. By the end of summer I want to start capturing video directly into a RAID 0 drive. That’s more money going out but the completion of this small project gives me for the first time a feeling my interest can morph into “real” business venture. Just not to forget why I am doing this: for joy, for sharing joy.

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