Editing to Music on SonicPro

Slowly, like an ant making the journey on foot from Indiana to Timbuktu, I am learning to use the many programs I need to master to do videos at the level I want. Doing both video and audio editing on iMovie has been great but I’m limited to the Jingles that come with the program. My royalty-free music comes from SmartSound. I need to start using their music-editing software, SonicPro. SonicPro this year came out with a turn-around plug-in for Final Cut Pro but the new Final Cut Pro Studio also has updated Soundtrack Pro. I also have Logic, for crying out loud! It’s an embarrassment of riches and my pace is a crawl!
Yesterday I placed over half the video clips into the Saugatuck video that I am currently working on. Editing video on iMovie when I intend to export just the video clips and transitions has been a different work experience. Doing all the edits in iMovie is so much easier but I need to advance to the more powerful programs.

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