Blueberry Rice

I have not done much cooking at home this past month. Quality Improvement applied to lifestyles is ongoing as it is in the corporate world. Unlike the Obama administration on the abusive interrogation techniques used on terrorism suspects I must move on. Dukkha (in Buddhist practice, what we feel when we don’t have something we want or have something we don’t want) eggs us to make karmic changes in how we live our lives.

Last night’s supper resulted in discovering how blueberries can add not only color but flavor to rice. The inspiration came from a book on Spanish foods featuring a simple recipe for rice cooked with fresh tomatoes and herbs. No sauces, just veggies sautéed in the lightest film of olive oil and cooked rice added to the pan. It’s a gentler version of Chinese fried rice, the flavors at once fresher and more refreshing.

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