Gourmet Asian Restaurants in Indianapolis: Thai Taste

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Last night, our Thai friend, Usana, invited us to the Thursday night buffet at Thai Taste on the city’s north side. My Chinese friends, Allen and Helen, had been urging me to check this out for many years but last night was the first time I went. I’d been too attached to Chinese food when I do go out to eat.
As it happened, Allen and Helen, were there, too, last night. They asked me where I’d been. They had not seen me at the usual restaurant haunts where we often meet. We’re Asian buffet aficionados. They told me that the Saturday lunch buffet at The Journey is the place to go on Saturday, better than the dim sum buffet at 8 China Buffet. For Sunday lunch, they go to Mandarin House in Carmel.
The spread at Thai Taste was okay and most of the tables were occupied by six o’clock. Service was excellent. I do love Thai food but compared to Chinese food it tends to be a tad more expensive. Not as expensive though as Japanese food which is probably the top of the heap in terms of price, especially Japanese steak houses.
Outside the restaurant after the meal, I met a friendly Caucasian guy. The front of his white tee shirt was splattered with chili sauce for which he kept apologizing. He told us he discovered Asian foods when he lived in California years ago. There he had a Vietnamese friend who introduced him to Asian cooking. Thai Taste was his favorite but he also loved Korean food. For Korean he went to a restaurant (Ma Ma’s Korean or Bando) on Pendleton Pike and E. Miracle on Allisonville Road.
The evening reminded me there is a small group of local people into East Asian food. Our party consisted of three Filipinos, a Thai and a Japanese. Yoichi loved the food. When eM invited him to join us, he was incredulous. He hadn’t known there was good Thai food in Indianapolis. He was going to Golden Corral for dinner on the nights he didn’t want to cook after work.
Maybe I should a food blog since food obviously is high on my value list. I can easily add a food blog to my new Duende Arts site. iMovie does not allow me to group the blogs together into an album page as it does photograph pages. I am still looking for how I can put my text products into the site.

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