Trip to Northern Spain Coming to an End

This is the second hotel we’ve been in with free WiFi but I have not posted to the Internet except for some photos to my Flickr photo stream. This one was shot at a public park near the Old Town area of Santiago de Compostela. A co-traveler, Wil, and I took a walk the afternoon after we arrived in the pilgrimage city. I enjoy visiting tourist spots, the remarkable features of the cities we visited, but I am most interested just in seeing how people there live.

In Spain, by five or six in the afternoon, public squares, parks and pedestrian malls are full of families enjoying themselves. What a refreshing change from the States. Children run and play while their parents, often both father and mother, watched them and chatted with each other. The public spaces become Spain’s giant living room.

We’re flying to Madrid at noon, then back to the U.S. tomorrow.

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