Finding that harvestable image

The portrait shoot with the Banthias was instructive on several levels. I used automatic camera settings all throughout, manipulating white balance and exposure post-shoot in Photoshop. I shot with manual settings with Brandon and lost so many images. Maybe with more practice I’ll get better at doing manual-setting photography but maybe I’ve found the process that works for me in this shoot with the Banthias.

I shoot quickly, only making lighting changes when I really have to e.g. to avoid obvious, undesirable shadows. I should probably learn to be more deliberate with lighting and camera settings but when I have a model or models with me the excitement is hard to resist. I take as many shots as I can. I end up with hundreds of images that becomes a challenge to process from just the sheer number. If I set up the lights and camera settings more carefully, I’ll have fewer images to review and process. Will I be missing out on images that I’ll like?
This image was unplanned. I simply took advantage of the situation and hoped for the best. The women were arranging their saris when I took this photo. I should probably make it a point to let the models know that I want to take photos “behind the scenes” and set up a camera to do just this.

I shoot a lot of images because many times the image I want is an image I had not planned on getting. I direct the models into situations or poses that I think should yield the image we want but it’s the spontaneous take that often yields the harvestable image.

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