Snow Today, Gone Tomorrow

Frozen Lake

Everybody is talking about how this is our snowiest, coldest winter in years. We had three snow storms the first fifteen days in February putting this month among the top 10 of all time. Fox59 meteorologist Brian Wilkes said that if the pattern continued this month could break all records. Last year this time we saw 50s and 60s of mercury.

In December when the onslaught began I battled with the cold. I wore a hooded sweatshirt under a padded jacket and still felt cold. Now I go around in sandals again, wearing just a tee shirt under my regular winter jacket. No more hats. And the snow-covered landscape makes me catch my breath with its beauty. Undisturbed snow carpeting everything including the lake turns disparate elements of a summer landscape into one whole.

As I’ve settled into winter my work habits too have settled into more productive days. I am slowly relearning Final Cut Pro after uploading 12 videos on YouTube, all done in just the last six weeks. I have also began reworking a short story that I wrote in 1987. The characters are surprisingly strong. I think they’re strong enough for a novel. And I am coming around to the idea I really do need to script my video shoots. I am wasting so much storage on the camera hard drive and worse editing takes more time. I am doing much of the work at night, spend mornings in bed reading and going back to bed to sleep at four or five in the morning. When given lemons, we make lemon meringue pies.

The snow they predicted for the weekend is going to be rain. We’ll have this gorgeous snow scenes for a couple more days. We always seem to value something just when we’re about to lose it or have just lost it. Change whets our appreciation. Without it we lose our capacity to see, to hear, to feel and take it all for granted.

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