Audrey the Writer

Thawing Ice

The snow is melting but not with rain. The clouds that hover motionless above the city are exuding tiny drops that little by little are uncovering bits of grass by the side of the road, at the foundations of buildings, and around the trunks of trees.

I started reading Bishop Spong’s Liberating the Gospels when I woke up this morning at nine. I thought of calling Frank and asking them not to come. I wanted to stay in bed and read. Well I roused myself from the compulsion and almost as soon as I started moving around saw my mood change. Movement in the body affects the contents of mind just as movement in the mind affects the body.

Audrey was excited about putting on the Estonian national costume last night at the Estonian Independence Day gathering. For the first time she talked about writing down her memoirs—how she and her mother fled the war into Germany then the U.S. She even talked about writing her memories of when Frank was serving in Vietnam and she was raising their sons alone in Oklahoma. Retirement can bring out sides to a person that the constant attention required by working keeps us from entertaining. She left saying she had the first sentence with which she wants to begin her memoirs: I lead a good life.

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