Life and Drama in Photographs and Video

By dramatic images I mean images that convey mood or emotion not only by the model’s facial expression but by his or her whole body. I like to capture close-up, full-length or three-quarter images of a single model and employing multiple models adds more possibilities for portraying emotion and relationship. This would involve acting that models already do without thinking they are acting. We call it “striking a pose.” I just want to make acting out emotions and relationships more conscious.

Admittedly this focus is bound up with my interest in moving images—videos and movies—where emotion and relationship are captured through more than one frame. Movement conveys change.

I don’t off hand have an image from my own shoots. This is a weak example, a man bent down as if in despair while his companion sits quietly by his side.

In a future shoot with model Coty, I want to shoot video as well. I can have the video camera shoot in the background while we shoot still images (unless I can find an assistant to man the camcorder) but I also want to use part of the shoot time to shoot these extended frames. Maybe I am too ambitious for the time we’ll have but I do want to shoot a short vignette of Coty telling his story. No acting will be required because I’ll just ask him some questions that he can answer (or not answer if you choose) from real life. As much as I love still images, I think moving images up the ante. This is the director in me.

Two subjects interest me that I want to document in photographs and video: life in small-town America and the lives of ordinary Americans, not the people we see in the news at night nor the intense drama of prime time TV.

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