Setting Food Consumption Right

To prepare for New Year’s Eve this year I cooked minestrone then refrigerated it. Tonight I reheated the vegetable soup, added cooked cooked white beans and had it with a green salad, a slice of my homemade French bread and a Moroccan clementine. Healthy. This new year I want to get back to eating home-cooked meals more, and more vegetarian. I think I can make the switch to complete vegetarian food without gaining weight as I did in the 1980s when heavy reliance on beans and cheese made me gain weight. I have had more experience with food since. I am going to keep my recipes coming from authentic ethnic traditions instead of cooking what was then known as “vegetarian” fare. The most important thing, I think, is taking the time to use fresh ingredients, adding special touches to the food and eating it while still hot. Attention to detail seems important to eating well. And being more aware of portions. I need to use that scale I bought for measuring out ingredients to get a sense of my protein servings. So, here’s to the New Year! New resolutions that I don’t have much faith in: what I do have faith in is introducing changes. When it is time, the change takes and becomes part of our routine.


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