Writing Metaphors

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There is a big difference between texting and writing. Unfortunately most young people learn to “write” using IM. Short is good but short and well thought out is even better!

I love writing as both polemics and art. I weigh the words I use and choose only those that express what I mean. No more, no less. Concision and precision. Good writing is not a requisite for business success. A person can spell horribly, write awkward sentences and be a millionaire. It’s a matter of what our values are, what qualities we want to live out. This is our one chance to be alive, to influence how civilization unfolds with our actions. That’s a sobering thought!

One thing I’ve learned about writing that may be useful in planning a business: intelligently edit your ideas. So much of writing is editing. Putting together the first set of words is simply the first step in a long process. Sometimes setting the text aside for a while will let us see it with fresh eyes when we go back to it again. Quality over quantity is always a good standard in whatever we do – after, of course, proving to ourselves we can do what we want! But we don’t need to keep proving this to ourselves, do we? In everything in life we choose how best to use our energy, our time. Needless repetition wastes both.

Verbal effectiveness is cool. I often find myself speaking in my head the sentences I am writing on the computer. Writing is not only about content but also presentation. In food, plating is almost as important as the actual cooking. Just kidding, of course, but not entirely. Writing I pay attention to rhythm, unintended assonance, etc – items we take for granted when we talk. Writing is a different animal from speaking and both have value in business and in life.

We live and life is metaphor. There’s the event and there’s the meaning it has in our life.

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2 Responses to Writing Metaphors

  1. ShimonZ says:

    A beautiful post… a pleasure reading your writing.

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