In Search of Spring

It is nearly one Monday morning. I spent the afternoon at the art museum in search of the wild flowers that this time of the year begin to make their secretive appearance in the nooks and crannies of the museum grounds. Since I spent the evening processing some of the photos I took instead of doing tutorials that I know I should be doing, instead of writing much I am sharing these photos. 
IMA 809
This is a view of the main museum building housing the galleries on three floors, my favorite the contemporary arts galleries.
JK Lilly Mansion 2884
This is the mansion of J. K. Lilly who owned the extensive grounds on either side of the White River before he donated it all to the museum then housed at the Herron School of Art downtown.
Sunday at the Museum 5125
This is a view of the landscape between the mansion and the stream that was incorporated into the canal system running behind the museum.
Lilly 3018
This is a view of the arches beneath the outdoor terrace of the mansion, overlooking the river.
Helleborus Christmas Rose P1050344
These are Lenten roses, Helleborus, one of the earliest blooms to come up in the spring. The flowers are four inches from the ground so I had to shoot with the camera basically resting on the ground.
Pinks 5064
These are very fragrant flowers on a small tree behind the greenhouse. I know most of the flowering trees and shrubs in Indiana but these are so much earlier than the usual fruit trees like cherries, almonds and apples. I don’t know what they are!
Narcissi 5168
Finally, the flowers that for many people signify spring – daffodils! These white-and-yellow flowers I call narcissus although both names are synonyms but when they have white petals I associate them with Narcissus, the Greek handsome youth who fell in love with his own reflection in the clear water and could not move away so he pined away and died, unable to tear himself from his beloved.
And that’s my first excursion in search of spring – on the grounds of the art museum.

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2 Responses to In Search of Spring

  1. ShimonZ says:

    Beautiful post. These grounds that you share with us, remind me of the places that I too enjoy, when I want to contemplate a bit, or study. A beautiful place. Beautiful pictures.

    • orlando gustilo says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Shimon. I’ve finally done a post with pictures! I’ve long admired how you illustrate your blog posts with images and how they compliment your words, sometimes actually add to what words alone can convey. Enjoy the Sabbath.

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