La Pedrera

La Pedrera 3011ss

Tonight instead of exploring abstractionist and expressionistic edits I am doing “straight” photography. I have tons of travel photos going back to 2001 when I was still using an Olympus digital camera. Only in the last few years did I finally and exclusively shoot in RAW. It took a while to trust the format!

Barcelona, of course, is a world unto itself when it comes to architecture and art styles. Adjacent to France it still kept its own distinctive art features even as it exported its most innovative artists to Paris and the Riviera during the early 20th Century.

This is the rooftop of Casa Milá, popularly called La Pedrera (Stone Quarry). Catalán modernisme is all curves, not a right angle in sight, with fairytale-like flourishes, Arabic tiles, etc. Gaudí looked to nature for his inspiration, much like today when some of us look to nature for construction elements but using more contemporary idiom to express our modern souls!

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