Driving Modern Art

Curves Car 8101cs

Leaving the bookstore this afternoon I decided to deviate from my usual. I turned south on a side street and drove steadily looking neither right or left, just gently forward, enough to keep the car going without an accident. It was like no drive I’d taken before!

Arriving at a familiar park again I chose not to think too much and found myself turning into a side road I had seen before but never in the 40 years I’d been going to the park had taken before. I found myself in a curvy drive ending in a long parking lot that traced the front of the park. Walking from that point northward I saw the park from a vantages I had not had before.

The whole day had gone like this. I would start doing something I knew well then shut down thinking and let something else guide me. It was scary at times but I found myself treading new ground. Is this a new kind of creativity?

Back in the studio tonight I saw this photograph of the front side of a car I took on a whim earlier today. I liked the curves on the car. The lines were delicious, something I had not seen in Detroit-made cars until the last couple of years!

I took the image for a spin. I stripped off the color—it was mostly metal gray anyway—but masked the orange plastic so it would come through. Using a filter I added texture to the image, added length then a two-color frame.

I like the result. Making the image was like driving a recently made car, a Detroit-made car after the car companies nearly all went kaput. Out of that near-death experience comes something new: all ease, American sophistication, the art of unobtrusive technology. I call this modern art.

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