Sunset and Steel and Glass

Sunset and Glass 9310s

Just that bit of orange sky punctuating an image dominated by glass and steel and the composition looks to me like abstract art in that structure, line and color rather than content are what the image is about.

Why do we need categories or genres? For me, categories are useful for grouping the images I shoot and/or create that I am a step closer to organizing a collection or gallery show.

Granted it’s not the intelligent way to create a show but intelligence somehow is not that important when I’m working. True it is a kind of intelligence that guides the eyes and hand to work at an image until it looks like “something” but it is a different faculty of mind that is this intelligence. It’s not the reasoning, logical, serially arranged or organized thinking. In fact it’s intelligence of chaos.

Art or whatever works of man that appeal to us appeal not through our ordinary eyes or ears or tongue or touch. It must be that same intelligence that created the work that the viewer or listener uses to respond to it. In the past I’ve called it intuition or gut sense, sister to imagination and fantasy, but it may be closer to metonymy.

In the Zen tradition there is a saying that language is like a finger pointing to the moon. Enlightenment is “direct seeing” i.e. seeing the moon itself and not the finger pointing to where the moon is. Direct seeing, vipassaná in Pali, is an even closer relative to that intelligence that we normally don’t use or even know it’s there.

If nothing else art is a way to reach this secret intelligence connecting to which feels like a kind of death and a resurrection to that which was alive before we were born yet has lain dead until this very moment.

About orlando gustilo

Digital content producer, photographer, writer.
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