Times Square, NYC, 2013

Times Square People 7584s

With this shot at Times Square, NYC, I am starting to add the year the photo was taken. I have archives going back to 2008 when I started taking photography seriously. Most of these pictures looked awful back then when I had different aesthetics than I do now. What has changed?

A viewer commented on one of my posted photos: I like to see catch light in the eyes! The model, an older gentleman wore a cap so his eyes were shaded but I shot him in ambient light so light was diffuse, no catch light!

I don’t like to beautify photos although especially for young women I might soften and smoothen the skin. The last couple of months especially I’ve found myself eschewing structural editing of photos. I do modify lighting and contrast as I did in this photo where I wanted the foreground person to be darker than the background person so the contrast between the two would be obvious.

We change with time. For now I find myself shifting away from the stylized editing that many photographers employ, what I call pictorialist photography, and going for more structural realism.

About orlando gustilo

Digital content producer, photographer, writer.
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