Collage Is Not Easy Business

Then and Now L0018s

Heretofore I have not utilized collages to create multilayered images. I need to but there’s a kind of resistance to doing this. To layer two or more images in one feels to me like a destructive act, treachery in the creation process.

This would, of course, be treachery if I were subscribed to doing only photo-realistic images – which I am not. It must then be habit, the cursed, cursing habit of the familiar.

I wonder if my reluctance does not stem from a fear of failure. As long as I confine this powerful technique to my purse of potential devices I can look forward to digging it out when the situation requires the stronger weapon for survival. Then the odds favor the bold.

Collages are really easy to execute. What is challenging is its aesthetic use, not just for the sake of appearances but for intrinsic meaning that is the creative intent.

This is then why I have not until now employed collages. There are technical subtleties for using them in an image, subtleties that require new skills to effectively deploy. I’ll also need an archive of harvested and digitally created textures and sundry images to add as elements in the composition. It’s like using movable type during Gutenberg’s times. A composition needs elements, structure, background i.e. wash, etc. Collaging layers then is just one technique among several that I’ll need to avoid being disingenuous or to appear duped and facile.

A powerful technique requires a correspondingly deeper understanding to support the deployment or one demeans the process, loses the fierceness of true enterprise!

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