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It’s humbling to realize that after almost eight years I am still discovering major things about my interest in visual representation.

I started thinking I would edit digital films (videos, we used to call them) before getting sidetracked into still photography. That led after four or five years to an interest in traditional, realistic art i.e. done with brushes or palette knives – but digitally. From studying the history of Western art I came to find my interest in “modern” art, art starting from the Impressionists in France and Belgium on to contemporary art all over the world.

My interest then gravitated around abstract expressionism, then the many ramifications of this quasi-movement and only lately began to grasp what contemporary art was about, an anything-goes potpourri of styles and techniques that an artist today would choose from to express his vision, his passion for the visual media.

Today though I realized that as much as I love straight photography and modern art e.g. conceptual, post-modern, etc I am also at heart attracted to graphic art, illustrations that accompany books and now, of course, magazines and online magazines. I’d long liked graffiti art, manga and American and European comic books and Dr. Seuss is a hero but I’d never realized why the editing I do of photographs often tend towards the stylistics of illustration or graphic art e.g. posters, marketing projects, etc.

Maybe I am taking a journey of exploration, locating along the way genres that resonate with me. Maybe someday I’ll find myself with the confidence of someone who’s walked enough miles to know it’s not getting there that matters but the boldness to stake a claim on a piece of the road – until the journey moves us on.

About orlando gustilo

Digital content producer, photographer, writer.
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