Vectors and Beyond

Vector Art 0732s

This is not what I had in mind when I wrote the other day that I had ideas for color lurking in the silent corridors of the mind struggling to get out. But it is about color.

This is foray into the use of vectors, free-floating drawing, art from scratch if you will. Truth be told, feelings of inadequacy about creating ex-nihilo had something to do with my picking up a camera. At least that’s how that interest started. I learned much more than what I thought I would from photography. I learned to use color, composition, balance, texture, aesthetics of siting and details, etc.

Much of what I learned apply to “start-from-scratch” art as well, point in fact to working with other genera. I wanted to try my hand at drawing and using the brush to create work digitally. Obviously I also want to work with analog supports and media but first I leapt into printing my photographs and photo art. Seeing work on paper has added a dimension I didn’t realize before. I can explore the effect, on production and post-production, of using machine-made paper, handmade paper, cotton canvas, linen, boards, wood, etc. There’s size—miniatures and murals—and frames and installation. Analog and digital can combine in the same piece. I can start with a digital camera, move to the computer, export out and add analog elements, then back again to the computer—back and forth and in and out, ad infinitum if necessary. Possibilities upon possibilities upon possibilities I am breaking out of the computer screen!

I stumbled into this piece tonight exploring tools in an iDevice app that I had not used before: drawing brushes, vector shapes, and textures. I finished the piece on the computer.

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