Using Real-Life Textures

Art Box 1169 bw

There is, of course, fantasy art and art based solely on the artist’s imagination. Someday I’d work in those genre but at the moment I am too much in love with the “real” world. And I’ve found a way to use my pack-rat proclivities: I collect fabrics, ribbons, attractive pieces of paper or cardboard, cellophane, wrappers, packaging materials, dried leaves or flowers, old shells, etc.

These make great macro photographs but combined together also create collages or mixed-media work. And I can photograph or scan these and introduce them as layers in my digital images. The uses are endless!

This is my drawer full of knickknacks, my personal gewgaws, here rendered in sepia as if to dilute the sinfulness of a hoarder tendency! What is creativity but the raw discovery of new uses for the familiar, turning junk into things of beauty?

About orlando gustilo

Digital content producer, photographer, writer.
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