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Deep Ecology

I led a silent retreat over the weekend and today my teacup is overflowing! Paul Reps told a story about Zen Master Nan-in who receiving a learned professor come to inquire about Zen first first offered him tea. Nan-in kept … Continue reading

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East and West as Grounds of Meaning

I have been caught up in teaching Buddhism the last three to four years that coming across two writers/teachers, Colin Wilson and Joseph Campbell, last night took me by surprise. Maybe Kipling was right: “there is neither East nor West… … Continue reading

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The Witches in Her Dreams

When endlessly  she weeps, witches of unearthly graces steal into her sleep that in their glowing light the glory of her unknown joy reveals that which sings in the silence of her darkest soul, when endlessly she weeps.

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Leaping into Fire

I just leapt! I upgraded this site to Premium on WordPress, giving myself a year to really learn how to use the platform to write and maybe monetize my work either here or by publishing on other venues. I have … Continue reading

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Lenses Don’t Matter; Lenses Matter

We’re all amateurs if by amateurs we mean people who love what they are doing so I’ll write this for people who like me are just starting to do professional-level photography. I include myself in this group because while I … Continue reading

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With Light We Create

This is the first post I’ve added since 2015! I’ve done so many others things since but are my images better? Maybe not. Certainly this image is as ordinary as they come. But it has a hallmark of what I … Continue reading

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Using Real-Life Textures

“This is my drawer full of knickknacks, my personal gewgaws, here rendered in sepia as if to dilute the sinfulness of a hoarder tendency! What is creativity but the raw discovery of new uses for the familiar, turning junk into things of beauty?” Continue reading

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