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Nature and Art

“By thus creating ways of expressing mind objects art broadens not only what consciousness contains and can contain but also seems to broaden consciousness itself.” Continue reading

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Portraits Styles

“My years shooting young models was not a loss. I learned to shoot with different lighting set-ups. I learned how to pose models. I learned how to work with shadows.” Continue reading

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La Pedrera

“….Catal├ín modernisme is all curves, not a right angle in sight, with fairytale-like flourishes, Arabic tiles, etc.” Continue reading

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Connected to the Gut, to the Generative Parts of Us

“….that chthonic energy that lies between the living and the dead and prophetic rather than descriptive, evocative rather than storytelling, a connection with the gut, the generative organs, the pit of our souls and its ribald twin.” Continue reading

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A Passion-Driven Life

I do some of my profoundest thinking alone and in the depths of night but need intercourse – need to have the sharing with other artists and intellectuals for the ideas to bear fruit. After all what is productivity but just ideas turned to action – thought bearing fruit? Continue reading

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Learning and Breaking Rules

I went on a docent-led tour at the museum this afternoon. The topic: artists bending the rules. The docent was a seventy-year-old woman with marked arthritis of the spine. To turn to look at something she had to turn her … Continue reading

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Perfume from a Locked Room

I was going to the gym this evening when snow started falling, the brisk wind causing white-outs out my study window. We are expecting 5 – 8 inches of spring snow by morning. I decided to stay in and write. … Continue reading

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