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Botanical Images

“Images of flowers don’t get enough respect unless you are Georgia O’Keefe, but to me flowers are perfect examples of nature’s flair for color and design.” Continue reading

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Learning and Breaking Rules

I went on a docent-led tour at the museum this afternoon. The topic: artists bending the rules. The docent was a seventy-year-old woman with marked arthritis of the spine. To turn to look at something she had to turn her … Continue reading

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In Search of Spring

It is nearly one Monday morning. I spent the afternoon at the art museum in search of the wild flowers that this time of the year begin to make their secretive appearance in the nooks and crannies of the museum … Continue reading

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Mother of Ten Thousand Things

It’s half past midnight on Sunday. I’m having one of those days of magical energy that I get maybe once every six weeks. There’s no accounting for how it comes about, the only response one could have is gratefulness when … Continue reading

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Instinct for Joy

I came home from the gym at five this afternoon. The sun was still high in the winter sky but the shadows have already lengthened to cover much of the small garden outside my house. A shaft of sunshine shone … Continue reading

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Worlds That Don’t Come Together

This morning after coming back from the gym I took a fourth of a pill I take occasionally. I forgot how it made me drowsy. I seldom take prescription medicine. When I do a smaller dose often works better. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Early Morning

Forget the old saw, “the early bird gets the worm,” but the early morning holds an intriguing fascination for me. Looking out the window or, better still, walking about the garden or a new town I am visiting when the … Continue reading

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