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Art as Communication without a Subject

“Art is language of the gods if by gods we mean the engine of creativity that provides not only the stuff of our worlds but the very foundation of being, the mysterious that is at once the most intimate reading of our hearts and its most ineffable expression.” Continue reading

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Playing with Concepts

“Having come to the party late I am still exploring boundaries and working my way to contemporary art from the Greek, the Baroque, the Impressionists.” Continue reading

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Times Square, NYC, 2013

“For now I find myself shifting away from the stylized editing that many photographers employ, what I call pictorialist photography, and going for more structural realism.” Continue reading

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Sunset and Steel and Glass

Just that bit of orange sky punctuating an image dominated by glass and steel and the composition looks to me like abstract art in that structure, line and color rather than content are what the image is about. Why do … Continue reading

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Nature and Art

“By thus creating ways of expressing mind objects art broadens not only what consciousness contains and can contain but also seems to broaden consciousness itself.” Continue reading

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Portraits Styles

“My years shooting young models was not a loss. I learned to shoot with different lighting set-ups. I learned how to pose models. I learned how to work with shadows.” Continue reading

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Driving Modern Art

“Making the image was like driving a recently made car, a Detroit-made car after the car companies nearly all went kaput. Out of that near-death experience comes something new: all ease, American sophistication, the art of unobtrusive technology. I call this modern art.” Continue reading

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