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Art as Communication without a Subject

“Art is language of the gods if by gods we mean the engine of creativity that provides not only the stuff of our worlds but the very foundation of being, the mysterious that is at once the most intimate reading of our hearts and its most ineffable expression.” Continue reading

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Sunset and Steel and Glass

Just that bit of orange sky punctuating an image dominated by glass and steel and the composition looks to me like abstract art in that structure, line and color rather than content are what the image is about. Why do … Continue reading

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Poppy as Pop Art

“It’s humanity that we must paint, write, sing or dance. It’s self transmuting our memories of loss, our incapacity, guilt and sorrow. It’s self celebrating itself.” Continue reading

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Ms Liberty from the Ferry

“….Sometimes, color has to be leached that the bones, if there are bones in the image, can sing. Continue reading

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A Passion-Driven Life

I do some of my profoundest thinking alone and in the depths of night but need intercourse – need to have the sharing with other artists and intellectuals for the ideas to bear fruit. After all what is productivity but just ideas turned to action – thought bearing fruit? Continue reading

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Learning and Breaking Rules

I went on a docent-led tour at the museum this afternoon. The topic: artists bending the rules. The docent was a seventy-year-old woman with marked arthritis of the spine. To turn to look at something she had to turn her … Continue reading

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Perfume from a Locked Room

I was going to the gym this evening when snow started falling, the brisk wind causing white-outs out my study window. We are expecting 5 – 8 inches of spring snow by morning. I decided to stay in and write. … Continue reading

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