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Art as Communication without a Subject

“Art is language of the gods if by gods we mean the engine of creativity that provides not only the stuff of our worlds but the very foundation of being, the mysterious that is at once the most intimate reading of our hearts and its most ineffable expression.” Continue reading

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Portraits Styles

“My years shooting young models was not a loss. I learned to shoot with different lighting set-ups. I learned how to pose models. I learned how to work with shadows.” Continue reading

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Connected to the Gut, to the Generative Parts of Us

“….that chthonic energy that lies between the living and the dead and prophetic rather than descriptive, evocative rather than storytelling, a connection with the gut, the generative organs, the pit of our souls and its ribald twin.” Continue reading

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Sex, Art and Morality

Earlier this month I did an artistic nude photo shoot with a male model. I count the experience on the same level as the first model shoot I did in 2008. It opens possibilities, especially aesthetic possibilities, while also perhaps … Continue reading

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Fitting into the Mainstream

There is much to be said for being average. You don’t get hassled as much i.e. you get hassled the average amount in grade school and high school, certainly not in college unless you opt for a fraternity, and never … Continue reading

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Developing concepts for video projects

San José, Museo Iloilo, Philippines I have two ideas for a video project. One I’ve had for a couple of years now, especially after I started shooting young Indiana models. I am meeting with Arron to brainstorm with him. I’d … Continue reading

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Judaism and Christianity in the Philippines

Judaism has fascinated me from the first year I lived in New York City in 1975. I saw how Jews and Jewish structures so strongly influenced American culture if one knew what to look for. There were synagogues and the … Continue reading

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