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Vectors and Beyond

“Analog and digital can combine in the same piece. I can start with a digital camera, move to the computer, export out and add analog elements, then back again to the computer—back and forth and in and out, ad infinitum if necessary.” Continue reading

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Nature and Art

“By thus creating ways of expressing mind objects art broadens not only what consciousness contains and can contain but also seems to broaden consciousness itself.” Continue reading

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Turning Pro in Digital Content Creation

I am surprisingly calm considering I just lost my entire collection of photographs going back to 1999. I spent two hours yesterday organizing them into a more coherent system and then this morning the drive failed just like that.  It’s … Continue reading

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Shooting the Third Episode of Spiritual Lives Documentary

Life is unpredictable. You’re ambling along when something falls from the sky at your feet. You pick it up and you’re running around with uncontainable joy. I met Babu and Visha, an Indian couple from Rajasthan, two weeks ago when … Continue reading

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