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Exiled to Heaven

Coming to America was like dying and being reborn in the Tusita heavens. In Buddhist mythology, people who have progressed towards enlightenment went to the Tusita realm where they could continue practicing until they reached enlightenment. There, as in heaven … Continue reading

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Visions of the Ineffable: the Artist’s Calling

It’s nearly ten Thursday night, an intensely productive day!   Not with photography or writing, my two top priority daily activities, but a melange of activities from the time I woke up this morning until now. I should go to … Continue reading

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The Early Morning

Forget the old saw, “the early bird gets the worm,” but the early morning holds an intriguing fascination for me. Looking out the window or, better still, walking about the garden or a new town I am visiting when the … Continue reading

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Awe and Mystery: The Religious Experience

Nothing has changed so much and remained unchanged as the essentials of my experience with religion and the sacred in human experience. I look back and see the child I was half a century ago, today see the aging man … Continue reading

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Styles of Cooking and Eating

Styles of cooking vary with culture and our personal experience of what has given us the pleasures of discovery and delight. Nowadays with cultures smashing together in the suddenly interconnecting global world we increasingly have access to ingredients from remote … Continue reading

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Religion and the Heart Factor

Communist regimes tried to stamp it out of subject peoples but after half a century of suppression, religion is alive again in Eastern Europe, Russia and China. The religious impulse is as strong a psychological force in humans as any … Continue reading

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Developing concepts for video projects

San José, Museo Iloilo, Philippines I have two ideas for a video project. One I’ve had for a couple of years now, especially after I started shooting young Indiana models. I am meeting with Arron to brainstorm with him. I’d … Continue reading

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